Sunday, April 3, 2011

tulips, tulips, everywhere

Ahhhh….tulips. I love tulips.

So simple, so pretty, such wonderful colors. Use them to brighten up any space this time of year!

When I buy them, I usually put directly in a tall base, just as is. As the days go by, I give each stem a fresh cut and peel off any greenery that is starting to get sort of slimy. I swap out the vase for other vessels as the stems get shorter.

Another great tip is to use a couple of the big, flat green leaves and wrap them around the inside of the vase, so you can’t see most of the flower stem. It offers up the tulips in a chic, fresh way.

Perhaps a little known fact (I just learned on Wikipedia!) is that these flowers come in a wide variety of colors, except pure blue (several tulips with "blue" in the name have a faint violet hue).

I put these lovelies in the living room, dining room, in the kitchen, and most often on my nightstand so I can take a moment to enjoy them as I’m about to turn out the light for the night. It’s a great boost to help get you moving in the morning, too!

Here’s the best tip…tulips are now on sale at Atlantic Superstores for 4 bucks a bunch.

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