Wednesday, December 19, 2012

sparkly bits....

Hey readers!

Here are a few bits and pieces to think about over the holidays....

  • The above is holiday artwork courtesy of my nephew, who is pretty sure that the reindeer chuck presents with parachutes off Santa's sled, so they land in your chimney. Not a bad idea for efficient delivery, don't you think? This was drawn on the outside of a Christmas package that arrived today. The Canada Post person loved it! I love it too. 
  • Style at Home magazine says the hottest color trends for 2013 are: stony taupe (really...shades of grey), electric blue, powder pink, and grey-blue. In my humble opinion, these are MUCH better than the pantone "color of the year" as mentioned in my previous blog posting.
  • I'm thinking about re-doing my bathroom in early 2013. Seriously thinking about pink and grey. Not little girl pink...but a more adult, deep, rich pink. Still girlie? Indeed. More grown-up?I think so. These are things I will ponder over the holidays...
  • I knew "rouge" was a super fantastic name for a company such as mine...apparently I'm not the only one, as evidenced by the new Air Canada discount carrier called "rouge" that was launched yesterday. Looks like I may have to change my little company's sad about that. I was here first!
Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season full of love, laughter, goodies and surprises! 

See you in 2013!

xx rouge.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

emerald...oh my!


17-5641 EMERALD

In a 180-degree turn from 2012’s spunky Tangerine Tango, the Pantone Color Institute introduced Emerald as its color of 2013 “to promote balance and harmony.” Citing gemstones, the environment, and the association of green with regrowth, the Institute is touting it as the perfect hue for design, fashion, and beauty. Tangerine reigned supreme this past year and we expect to see a burst of green hit the design scene.  
Color swatch by Pantone

Read more:

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

fruits that sparkle

Here's an easy, inexpensive, and great-looking Christmas decor idea!

Buy a bunch of fake pears (or apples) at the Dollar Store, spray with glue, and cover in glitter.

That's're done. Seriously. You're done.

Let 'em dry, make sure they are completely covered in glitter, and display. I'd suggest a clear glass plate or bowl. You could even make them into tree ornaments by tying them around the stem with pretty ribbon, if you were so inclined.

Think sparkly silver (my favorite), shiny gold, or even a turquoise blue. How about pink?

Whatever works with your decor and color scheme...

Go ahead...try it!

xx rouge.

Monday, November 26, 2012

avant-guarde art

Great idea in the latest Style at Home magazine...had to steal it right away and try it out! It's a perfect way to add a great punch of energy to your space through artwork.

What you'll need:

  • fun fabric
  • scissors
  • embroidery rings in multiple sizes

  • separate the embroidery ring into it's two pieces
  • lay out the fabric on a hard, flat surface (easier for cutting!)
  • place the smaller of the two rings on the fabric...move it around so you see what you like inside the ring
  • cut the fabric at least 2 inches wider than your smaller ring
  • set the fabric, face down, on top of the larger ring
  • set the inside ring on top of the larger, outside ring. Centre and push down to tighten and secure the fabric
  • gently pull the fabric until it's nice and tight inside the rings
  • tighten the screw on the side of the embroidery ring to secure
  • trim the excess fabric
  • hang on the wall

What's great about this idea is that you can change out the fabrics as often as you like to change up the look. This took me about 10-15 minutes from start to finish (when I hung them on the wall!). 

And you can't beat the price. I bought my supplies at Value Village...the "vintage-y" looking fabric is actually a set of curtains that I scooped up for $9.99 (and I have TONS left over for other projects), and both embroidery rings for $1.49 & $1.99.

I'm on the lookout for more embroidery rings, so I can expand this art piece all along the wall. I'll mix up the fabrics too, so it will really have some punch!


xx rouge.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

value village score

Wanted to show you my latest score from Value Village. As you know, I pop into Value Village every now and again to check out the furniture/lighting section.

I stumbled upon these two beauties on Monday...and I'm really excited about them.  Due to my current obsession with all things mid-century modern, these jumped right out at me.

Although there are no markings on the wood, I've been able to confirm that they are indeed from the early 1950's. Apparently this fabric is the original...and it's a tell tale sign of real vintage from that era.

The wood is a tiny bit beat up, but to me, that just adds character. The fabric is in perfect shape. Someone loved these and took great care of them! Or stored them away and forgot about them...

They are meant to be deck chairs, but I envision them side by side in my living room. It's such a rarity to find 2 exact matches!

So, it seems as though I am slowly working my way towards a new living room design. I had not intended to start purchasing for the new design for a while...but these were such a good score.

$12.99 each!  

Way too good to pass up. Building up your design bit by bit and piece by piece is the best way to develop a good design in my books anyway.

And since they fold, it will be easy to store them until I'm ready. 


xx rouge.

Monday, October 22, 2012

easy stairs

Thought you couldn't use that space in the attic? Or build a little loft?
Well, think again...
Eestairs’s 1m2 staircase can take you up a storey using less than one square metre of floor area. Made of steel and available in several colors, the contemporary design commands attention.
This modern interpretation of a spiral staircase is irresistible with its shiny, powder-coated finish and its sleek design.
Their head office is in The Netherlands and they have locations (and ship) all over the world -- but luckily their USA & Canada location is in Brandford, Ont.
Oh...and they make a TON of other really beautiful staircases...check them out! (
Thanks to the November issue of Style at Home for this one! (
See you again soon!
xx rouge.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Excellent online pick

I think these chairs are fantastic. Simple, mid-century modern design knock-off...all at an excellent price!
I’ll bet you’ve seen these beauties around the high end shops lately. Likely with a pretty hefty price tag.
My best bargain hunter, super-stylie friends spotted these at  for just $60 each!

They were visiting in the States and brought them back over the border, but if you order these online, there will be shipping charges and customs & duties. Thankfully, Overstock does now ship to Canada at decent rates. Be sure to find out how much that will cost you.
My guess? Even with the shipping costs to Canada, these chairs will still be a great deal!
See you again soon!
xx rouge.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

I covet my friend’s....

I really do. I mean, really, is that so bad? They are in amazing shape, I love the color, and they’ve got lots of history behind them.  
If you are a regular reader, you know I love all things vintage. Mid-Century modern makes my heart pound just a little bit harder. Teak...well, teak is my new obsession.

When it’s time to replace some of my furniture, or move into a new house, this style will be at the top of my list. I think the trick is, like most things design, is to not go overboard. Keep this style current by mixing it with other modern, clean elements for a look that will stay up-to-date and yet classic for many years to come.
For now, I just make sure I visit my style-savvy friends often, enjoy their furniture (it's one of my favorite places to drink tea) and keep watch over these babies!
And dream about when I may have my own (furniture, that is...not babies).
xx rouge.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

cork chair & summer break

check this out! Courtesy of the brilliant people at tododesign. Find them on facebook: (
and take a look at their new album called "recycled design". Such smart, clever design ideas all using recycling materials...if only we could all think this way!
I love the wine cork chair the best. Wonder if it's comfortable? Here's your challenge, if you choose to accept it...start saving your wine corks now and see how many it would take to build this awesome chair!
As far as just a little rouge goes, we are going to take a short break for the rest of the summer...sit back, enjoy the beautiful weather, hang out in our favorite outdoor spaces, the beach, the cottage, the lake. Perhaps even save up a few corks of our own...
See you late August/early September with all the fall 2012 trends!
xx rouge.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

original artwork on a budget

I’ve been meaning to update my framed black and white photos for a little while now. They were starting to fade...and I was also getting a little tired of them.

A great way to refresh your space is by switching up the artwork now and again. Even if you keep the same art, try changing them around to hang in different places. You may discover a better arrangement or just that absolutely perfect spot for your art.
I love black and white photography...always have. On a budget, I grabbed my camera and went for a stroll on Saturday.

About two short blocks from my house, something on a regularly graffiti-ed building caught my eye. So, I crossed the street, pulled out my camera and started snapping. I had just found my new artwork!
Well done, simple, and clever. What a find!

Quickly returning home, I downloaded my pics to check them out. That’s one of  the beauties of a digital camera...instantly look at them to see if there is anything good, then delete the rest. No fuss, and no cost to taking lots of pictures.
I found one or two that I was really happy with. And, as I already had frames I was going to reuse, I just had to figure out where I wanted to hang the art.

Here’s the best tip for you...go to and upload your photos. They offer one hour printing on large “posters”, which are really just super large prints of your photos on good quality photo paper (not on poster paper as you might assume). Cheaper and faster than Costco..really!
Choose the size you want -- here, I chose 20x24 – and select from the pics you just uploaded. Make sure you upload the large file, not the thumbnail to ensure the resolution is adequate. Preview it, make sure you are happy with the size and cropping (you do have some control over this on the site).

Then order it. You can pick it up at the closest store to you and only pay when you are in-store, if you choose. It literally takes about 10 minutes, if you are a bit slow like me...!
I ordered it...for $18, why not? I immediately got a confirmation email telling me that they received my order. About 10 minutes later, I received another email telling me my order was ready to be picked up.

Really? How can it be that fast?? I was skeptical about both the quality and the speediness. But when I arrived at Walmart, it was ready...and it was awesome.
I got home, used double sided tape to put it on a black background that I already had, hung it on the wall, and stood back to admire.

Viola! Original artwork, by me, at a super good price. It looks like a professional piece of art. And it started just as a simple picture. (please ignore the reflection of the glass and trust me when I tell you that the print is sharp and clear!)
Loved it so much that today, I ordered two more. Smaller prints (16x20) of two other photos I took while perusing my favorite antiques shop. Perfect for the rest of my existing frames. ($15/each)

So excited by this little revelation, I wish I had more walls to hang more framed photography...
Grab your camera...and get creative! It’s fun, it's easy, it makes for a great story when you tell those who ask that it's your photography, and best of all, it’s the cheapest original artwork you’ll ever find.

Imagine a landscape of your favorite place, an artsy close up of an interesting object...or anywhere else your camera can capture!

Of course, if you are afraid of the camera, feel free to steal/ask for someone else's photographs!

See you next week.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

glamping, anyone?

Super smart. Love it. Want it.

That's all.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

steal this deal – part 2

Hey, just a little rouge readers!
Sorry for the delay...I was working on a project over Father’s day weekend and I wanted to show you the finished piece!

You may remember one of my recent blog posts (Steal this idea --February 12th) where I posted an idea I saw on design sponge...creating a charging station from a vintage travel case.

My mom generously gave me a travel case for the project. She was given it as part of a set of luggage for graduation in 1963. I remember that when I was younger, I used to store my Barbies and Barbie clothes in this case. Luckily, mom had it tucked away all this time.

My dad helped me out...cutting the hole for the electrical cord, cutting out the right sized pegboard and making small cleats to hold the pegboard in place.

Yesterday, I put the rest together. I spray painted the pegboard a glossy white as well as a piece of cork board. While drying, I repapered the inside of the travel case with an awesome vintage patterned paper I found at Michaels. (It took 4 only individual sheets, $0.49 each)

Next, I pulled apart two grommets from an old curtain. Using pliers, I pulled off the back metal pieces and was left with the nice front parts. Then, I glued one on either side of the hole in the back of the case to create nice, clean, and sturdy place for the power cord.

I added a card, written by mom, to show the original history and the date she received it. I pasted this behind the original mirror and then put the mirror back in place.

I glued a length of ribbon into a loop and glued that to the underside of the pegboard, with the loop off to the side. This allows me to easily lift the pegboard and access the cords and chargers that rest in the bottom of the case.

Finally, I cut the painted cork board down to a small size to fit at one end of the pegboard and glued it down. I added a couple of push pins in coordinating colors and now have a little message board that I’m sure to see as I grab my phone and head out the door.

I’m thrilled to be able to give this train case a new life. I love that it comes with some of my mom’s history and I love that it was a project my dad helped with.

It’s a perfect fit to the existing decor in my mud room...and I’ll never pick up my ipod or phone and realize my battery is dead again!

For complete step by step instructions, please see February’s blog.

See you next week.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

deal of the summer

I think I just got the deal of the summer.

A little while ago, I decided that my lovely, large, lounge chair was just too big for my deck space.

Of course, I bought it before the deck was even built. That was a rookie mistake and I should have known better. But it was a good deal I found at an end of summer clearance sale and it perfectly matched my other patio furniture.

Anyway, now after living with it for a bit, and adding in an awesome patio heater last year, I was finding it a bit unwieldy for the space.

And I hardly ever sat it in. Probably because I’m no longer much of a “laying in the sun” kind of girl. Too worried about my skin these days!

So, yesterday, I posted the lovely lounger (and puffy, comfy, brand new cushion) on Kijiji...and voila, it sold in a couple of hours for the low price of $125.

Now, what to replace it with....? I thought about replacing it with a smaller, comfy chair and compact footstool...nice for reading.

But then I realized that my other patio furniture is already awesome for reading, chatting, hanging out. Why would I need another chair??

Finally, I decided that what I really could use was a small dining table and a couple of chairs. I hopped on line and couldn’t find a set that I liked for my $125 budget.

This morning I decided to swing by the Superstore, in case they had something of interest.

Ahhhh...the superstore. Here’s why I love you. The Joe Howe Drive store is huge and has great home decor stuff. They have quite a selection of outdoor furniture this time of year as well.

I immediately spied a bistro set that was EXACTLY what I wanted, but didn’t think I would find one I could afford right now. This one was priced at only $99.99!

Of course, after tracking someone down, they didn’t have any left, but were hoping to get more for this weekend’s no tax sale.

I tried to convince them they should sell me the floor sample, but it was a no go. They suggested I try the Bayer’s Lake store and took my info to call me when they got new ones in, “if they could”.

Sigh. Now what to do?

As I made my way through the cash with a couple of other things, that same person tracked me down and said that he talked to his boss, and they would sell me the floor sample after all. Yay!

Imagine how much more thrilled I was when they sold it to me for ½ price!! For just under $75, I got the bistro set and two cushions that would tie it all together with my existing furniture. They even loaded it into the car for me.

Final stop was the Dollar Store to pick up three small accessories that would complete the look for $5.

Grand total....$80. So, I actually made money on the whole deal!

Been sitting here at the table thinking about how great a deal I got, how it fits perfectly in the space, how it opens things up on the deck and makes it feel bigger, and writing this blog, while sipping a nice cold iced tea. (It is only 1 pm after all.)

Can’t wait to have dinner outside tonight!

Best deal of the summer, I think.

And if you want a set like this, be sure to go to the superstore on the weekend so you can get it tax free! It won't be as great a deal as mine (smile),  but it's well worth it!

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Urban cottage

Perfect for the Saturday afternoon meander, Urban Cottage Antiques and collectables (1819 Granville Street), is a favourite Halifax haunt for thrifters. What sets this eclectic antique shop apart is that it takes consignment and has a unique pricing strategy.

Make sure you check the price’ll see the price it is today....and if the piece doesn't get snatched up, what the price will be the following week.

Since the price decreases each week, you have to decide if you want to buy it then, or take your chances and hope it’s still available later.
'Urban Cottage' is a little overwhelming when you initially pop in, but take a few deep breaths and you'll start to become acclimatized to what some would refer to as 'old junk' and others would call 'antique collectables.'
It's not really an antique shop - more of a second-hand / vintage furniture and collectibles store, jam-packed with a strange mish-mash of vintage, crazy kitsch and hard-to-find everythings.

From large furniture pieces to figurines to...uh...well, any item that an interior designer would use in very small doses to add something interesting into the decor or stage a house.

Basically, I see it as an interior design shop for people who don't want a single piece to be found anywhere else.

As you can imagine, stock changes quickly, so it’s worthy of more frequent repeat visits.


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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Plan B

I checked out Plan B, a truly unique merchants’ cooperative, a couple of days ago.

Opened since October 2011, this shop is located at 2180 Gottingen Street and is open 7 days a week. (

Featuring more than 25 merchants and artisans, Plan B is the solution for super small entrepreneurs. Working together, they can now have a permanent, brick and mortar street level space at an affordable cost.

Basically, they added up the costs involved with leasing the space and expenses, and divided it by square foot to determine the rent. For example, a small cubby rents for $30 a month.

All the members pitch in and work in the store a day or two a week.

While there are other artisan co-ops, this is the only mercantile co-op in the city.

And what’s sold in the store is even more unique than the operation itself.

There’s lots of vintage here -- clothes, video games, vinyl, and so much more. Jewelry, electric cigar box guitars, fascinators, mid-century furniture and accessories, featured original artwork and even taxidermy. Yes, taxidermy. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You really never know what you’ll find here and the stock changes all the time.

So plan to check it out more than once, plan to spend a lot of time there, and plan to always find something interesting.

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