Monday, April 11, 2011

reno chronicles #13

It’s all happening. Oh, yes.

Yesterday….cleaning out of the basement so there is access to the plumbing (and other scary things that are down there!)

Today and tomorrow…cleaning out the existing laundry room (where am I going to put that stuff?!?)

Wednesday….see the lawyer to complete banking and wrap up a few other tidbits.

Thursday and Friday….do enough laundry to last for at least a month (yikes.) Write cheque for first installment of renovation (gulp.)

Saturday…take down my temporary “ghetto-backyard” fencing and move bbq to a friend’s backyard for storage.

Sunday…make a list of “things to save” for wonderful contractor (think: reduce, reuse, recycle!)

Monday…DEMO DAY!

Like I said…it’s all finally happening. Stay tuned, just a little rouge's about to get interesting!

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