Sunday, June 24, 2012

steal this deal – part 2

Hey, just a little rouge readers!
Sorry for the delay...I was working on a project over Father’s day weekend and I wanted to show you the finished piece!

You may remember one of my recent blog posts (Steal this idea --February 12th) where I posted an idea I saw on design sponge...creating a charging station from a vintage travel case.

My mom generously gave me a travel case for the project. She was given it as part of a set of luggage for graduation in 1963. I remember that when I was younger, I used to store my Barbies and Barbie clothes in this case. Luckily, mom had it tucked away all this time.

My dad helped me out...cutting the hole for the electrical cord, cutting out the right sized pegboard and making small cleats to hold the pegboard in place.

Yesterday, I put the rest together. I spray painted the pegboard a glossy white as well as a piece of cork board. While drying, I repapered the inside of the travel case with an awesome vintage patterned paper I found at Michaels. (It took 4 only individual sheets, $0.49 each)

Next, I pulled apart two grommets from an old curtain. Using pliers, I pulled off the back metal pieces and was left with the nice front parts. Then, I glued one on either side of the hole in the back of the case to create nice, clean, and sturdy place for the power cord.

I added a card, written by mom, to show the original history and the date she received it. I pasted this behind the original mirror and then put the mirror back in place.

I glued a length of ribbon into a loop and glued that to the underside of the pegboard, with the loop off to the side. This allows me to easily lift the pegboard and access the cords and chargers that rest in the bottom of the case.

Finally, I cut the painted cork board down to a small size to fit at one end of the pegboard and glued it down. I added a couple of push pins in coordinating colors and now have a little message board that I’m sure to see as I grab my phone and head out the door.

I’m thrilled to be able to give this train case a new life. I love that it comes with some of my mom’s history and I love that it was a project my dad helped with.

It’s a perfect fit to the existing decor in my mud room...and I’ll never pick up my ipod or phone and realize my battery is dead again!

For complete step by step instructions, please see February’s blog.

See you next week.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

deal of the summer

I think I just got the deal of the summer.

A little while ago, I decided that my lovely, large, lounge chair was just too big for my deck space.

Of course, I bought it before the deck was even built. That was a rookie mistake and I should have known better. But it was a good deal I found at an end of summer clearance sale and it perfectly matched my other patio furniture.

Anyway, now after living with it for a bit, and adding in an awesome patio heater last year, I was finding it a bit unwieldy for the space.

And I hardly ever sat it in. Probably because I’m no longer much of a “laying in the sun” kind of girl. Too worried about my skin these days!

So, yesterday, I posted the lovely lounger (and puffy, comfy, brand new cushion) on Kijiji...and voila, it sold in a couple of hours for the low price of $125.

Now, what to replace it with....? I thought about replacing it with a smaller, comfy chair and compact footstool...nice for reading.

But then I realized that my other patio furniture is already awesome for reading, chatting, hanging out. Why would I need another chair??

Finally, I decided that what I really could use was a small dining table and a couple of chairs. I hopped on line and couldn’t find a set that I liked for my $125 budget.

This morning I decided to swing by the Superstore, in case they had something of interest.

Ahhhh...the superstore. Here’s why I love you. The Joe Howe Drive store is huge and has great home decor stuff. They have quite a selection of outdoor furniture this time of year as well.

I immediately spied a bistro set that was EXACTLY what I wanted, but didn’t think I would find one I could afford right now. This one was priced at only $99.99!

Of course, after tracking someone down, they didn’t have any left, but were hoping to get more for this weekend’s no tax sale.

I tried to convince them they should sell me the floor sample, but it was a no go. They suggested I try the Bayer’s Lake store and took my info to call me when they got new ones in, “if they could”.

Sigh. Now what to do?

As I made my way through the cash with a couple of other things, that same person tracked me down and said that he talked to his boss, and they would sell me the floor sample after all. Yay!

Imagine how much more thrilled I was when they sold it to me for ½ price!! For just under $75, I got the bistro set and two cushions that would tie it all together with my existing furniture. They even loaded it into the car for me.

Final stop was the Dollar Store to pick up three small accessories that would complete the look for $5.

Grand total....$80. So, I actually made money on the whole deal!

Been sitting here at the table thinking about how great a deal I got, how it fits perfectly in the space, how it opens things up on the deck and makes it feel bigger, and writing this blog, while sipping a nice cold iced tea. (It is only 1 pm after all.)

Can’t wait to have dinner outside tonight!

Best deal of the summer, I think.

And if you want a set like this, be sure to go to the superstore on the weekend so you can get it tax free! It won't be as great a deal as mine (smile),  but it's well worth it!

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Urban cottage

Perfect for the Saturday afternoon meander, Urban Cottage Antiques and collectables (1819 Granville Street), is a favourite Halifax haunt for thrifters. What sets this eclectic antique shop apart is that it takes consignment and has a unique pricing strategy.

Make sure you check the price’ll see the price it is today....and if the piece doesn't get snatched up, what the price will be the following week.

Since the price decreases each week, you have to decide if you want to buy it then, or take your chances and hope it’s still available later.
'Urban Cottage' is a little overwhelming when you initially pop in, but take a few deep breaths and you'll start to become acclimatized to what some would refer to as 'old junk' and others would call 'antique collectables.'
It's not really an antique shop - more of a second-hand / vintage furniture and collectibles store, jam-packed with a strange mish-mash of vintage, crazy kitsch and hard-to-find everythings.

From large furniture pieces to figurines to...uh...well, any item that an interior designer would use in very small doses to add something interesting into the decor or stage a house.

Basically, I see it as an interior design shop for people who don't want a single piece to be found anywhere else.

As you can imagine, stock changes quickly, so it’s worthy of more frequent repeat visits.


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