Saturday, July 31, 2010

reno chronicles #4

Hey just a little rouge readers...!

Not much to report on the reno this week.

Waiting on drawings. Thinking lots about what I REALLY need from the new space versus what would be nice to have.

Also doing some calculations based on estimating what percentage of my home we're talking about here and translating that into the same percentage of the price of the house. Good tip for setting a budget. And very effective for bringing me back down to reality.

Aside from that, I'm going to take a bit of time this weekend to snap a few pictures of a couple of things I've seen around the neighbourhood that I like...specifically, a certain type of window and an awning that might look great over the new back door.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and I'm a very visual person, so I thought it would be helpful in my next discussion with my contractor.

Aside from that, rouge was all set to participate in this year's Habitat for Humanity project (a rebuild of one of the local women's shelters) this week and was SUPER excited about it. Actually, I took two vacation days to do it...then I got an email saying the job was delayed. So I scrambled and switched my vacation so I could sign up again for two days this coming week.

And I got another email last night saying (again) that there was a delay and the job won't start until the second week in August. Sheesh. I'm sure it must be really difficult coordinating all of the details of that kind of job. But I'm afraid that I just can't reschedule my time again....and I'm sooo disappointed.

Best of luck to the build, whenever it starts! Watch for me next year!!

Have a great long weekend.

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