Sunday, July 25, 2010

reno chronicles #3

So “potential contractor #4” is looking good. Very good.

We chatted this week and made plans to get together on the weekend to review some ideas. And we did that early this evening.

“Potential #4” and the designer came up with lots of great ideas after their last visit. So much fun to picture and think about. Cooler heads eventually prevail and when it comes right down to it, there were a lot of cool things that maybe didn’t serve the original purpose.

That’s good, though…it’s good to think everything through and keep the very best elements of all the ideas.

We took the time to talk out all the specific elements and decided on a solid direction. It was important to get back to thinking about the main function of the new space…entry/mud room and laundry room…and a space that can happily house the puppy.

Yes, that’s the puppy I don’t have yet. But it’s important to really think though how the space is going to be used as far into the future you can imagine. And I know there will be puppy who will need some space where he can live during the day, without giving him full reign of the house when he’s alone.

Ultimately, that means that the lofty and super-cool ideas fell to the wayside and plans are back into the realm of reality. Reality that is looking good, too.

I am excited about where it’s going…but still very nervous about budget. Next up is drawings that I’ll sit with and mull over for a few days. Then comes the estimated cost.

Then, I expect, some revisions.

There are still many, many steps to come, but I am enjoying the process so far and am looking forward to the ride…

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