Saturday, August 7, 2010

reno chronicles #5

Still not much to report this week…wonderful contractor called to let me know that the person doing up the drawing is away on vacation, that he hasn’t forgotten about me, and will get back to me as soon as he has something to show me. Guess that's this week's lesson...there is some "stop and go" in the process.

So great of him to call, though. I really like that he’s proactive in following up. Even if it’s only to tell me there’s been a delay or that he has nothing to show me. Earns big points for that!

In the meantime, I snapped a few pics that might be helpful…
This is the kind of awning I’d like to have over the door. Keeps the rain/snow off when you are unloading groceries, pellets for the stove…or whatever. Just giving me a dry space to unlock the door would be great! Add in the same thing over the windows and I really like what it adds to the overall look and design. Very urban chic.

These are the kind of windows I’m looking at…sort of. Picture them trimmed in black. Picture the top two opening and not the rest. Picture them with a frosted treatment. Great for privacy, but will let a ton of light in. Love the idea of a wall of windows!

As for flooring, I’m set on the retro black and white check tiles. These are actually garage-grade, practically bullet-proof, peel and stick tiles that you can order online. Cost effective…and totally cool in my opinion.

That’s it for this week….

Oh…one more thing. You know that hypothetical puppy that I’m factoring into all of this? Well, he’s not hypothetical anymore! He arrived a bit unexpectedly last weekend and he’s a 6-month old, 44 pound bundle of puppy love. So much for my master plan…

Maybe next week’s posting will be about decorating with a new puppy in mind. Or maybe I’m going to need a bit more time to figure that one out…?!?

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