Sunday, April 15, 2012

lamp makeover #3 (and draw prize!)

You may remember that a while ago, one of my lamp makeover projects was a  1980's light pink glass lamp. After I finished with it, it was a fun white lamp with a white linen lamp shade.

Well, after ruining the “world’s ugliest lamp” makeover project last week, which was meant to be the draw prize for those of you who joined rouge’s new facebook page, I found another one just like it!

So...I gave it a good cleaning, gently gave it a good going over with light sandpaper to remove any finish on the lamp, and cleaned it again.

Then, I covered the fixture part of the lamp as well as the cord with paper bags and tape.

Finally, I gave it a couple of coats of glossy “true blue” paint to ensure a smooth and brilliant finish.

Add on a square-ish linen lamp shape and voila...a great looking lamp that will add a big pop of color to any decor.

And it’s one of a kind. Not perfect, but not like any other lamp in the world. Definitely unique.

Now... to give it away.

If you join us at -- where you’ll find links to weekly blog posts and design ideas, tips, random thoughts and photos – before the END of the day tomorrow, you will be automatically be entered into a draw to win it!

Winner announced on the facebook page on Tuesday.


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