Wednesday, December 19, 2012

sparkly bits....

Hey readers!

Here are a few bits and pieces to think about over the holidays....

  • The above is holiday artwork courtesy of my nephew, who is pretty sure that the reindeer chuck presents with parachutes off Santa's sled, so they land in your chimney. Not a bad idea for efficient delivery, don't you think? This was drawn on the outside of a Christmas package that arrived today. The Canada Post person loved it! I love it too. 
  • Style at Home magazine says the hottest color trends for 2013 are: stony taupe (really...shades of grey), electric blue, powder pink, and grey-blue. In my humble opinion, these are MUCH better than the pantone "color of the year" as mentioned in my previous blog posting.
  • I'm thinking about re-doing my bathroom in early 2013. Seriously thinking about pink and grey. Not little girl pink...but a more adult, deep, rich pink. Still girlie? Indeed. More grown-up?I think so. These are things I will ponder over the holidays...
  • I knew "rouge" was a super fantastic name for a company such as mine...apparently I'm not the only one, as evidenced by the new Air Canada discount carrier called "rouge" that was launched yesterday. Looks like I may have to change my little company's sad about that. I was here first!
Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season full of love, laughter, goodies and surprises! 

See you in 2013!

xx rouge.

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