Sunday, January 16, 2011

top paint trends

Ok…so now you know the color of the year (see last week’s blog), but you didn’t think I’d stop there, did you??

Consider these other top paint color trends that seem to be popping up everywhere…

1. Lime green
2. Smoke
3. Fern green
4. Soft grey
5. Lemon yellow
6. Hot pink
7. Dark teal
8. Bohemian brown
9. Sand

Personally, I’ve already got plans for the hot pink….I have a vintage vanity/dressing table tucked away in my basement just waiting to have a new life. As soon as my mudroom/laundry room is complete, this baby is going to get a nice shiny new coat of hot pink paint. It will serve as a great place to put on shoes and to stash the car keys, mail, and all the other things that tend to accumulate by the door. It will also be a fantastic pop of color in a room with a black and white floor, dark wall color and a few industrial touches….just wait until you see what I imagine!

Until then, try not be afraid of a little bit of paint. But if you are looking for a change, and painting seems like a daunting task or you are not ready to make the committment, try updating your room accessories with one of these trendy colors and see how you feel about it!

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