Monday, January 3, 2011

reno chronicles #11

Santa delivered! (see reno chronicles #10)

Finally, I have a HRM building permit in my hot little hands. I can hardly believe it. It's a Christmas miracle!
(Well....maybe not a true miracle, but it's been a long, crazy road to get here so allow me this exaggeration, will you?)

Next steps…review revised estimate (I'm still a tiny bit nervous about getting this within budget, but we're soooo close) and timeline with wonderful contractor, confirm details with bank, then hit the “go” button!

I know there are a ton of details to come, but I am so excited that this first huge hurtle is finally over…and that I am one big step closer to the reality of my little addition to the house.

Be sure to read next week….where I’ll be talking about more exciting things like trends for 2011…

Thanks again, Santa. I won’t forget my promise to be a good girl this year. And maybe next year, too…

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