Sunday, September 25, 2011

fall trend 2011

According to the fine folks at style at home, one of the top trends for Fall 2011 is wooden accessories.

I know that as the season changes, although I never seem to be ready for it, I get excited about warm, cozy sweaters and soft, extra layers on my bed.

So intuitively, it makes sense to me that trends for Fall would be all about warm, inviting spaces.

Using natural materials is one of the top three design trends of the season (to see more, check out

Wooden accessories are the perfect way to bring an earthy and warm tone to your home. Here are a few of my favorites that will bring a natural touch to your living space in no time!

Carpet tiles, tall vases, bamboo dry erase board, salt keepers, iphone case, and ceadar blocks (not pretty, but put a few in your closet for an eco-friendly way to guard against moths…they smell heavenly, too.)

Like any trend…probably best not to overdo it. Just a few accessories here and there will warm up your space just in time for those cold winter months!

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